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Nutrition at The Cub School

Q.How did you come up with the current lunch menu?

A.The USDA tells us what components we must include in lunch, and we then try to work the distinct customs and practices of our current PCFLC families into the mix. As a multi-national center, we pride ourselves on being respectful to every family that enters our doors. Therefore, our choice of foods is, for the most part, faith-friendly (PCFLC families' religious practices are given careful consideration as they pertain to diet); respectful to the environment (packaging is an important aspect when it comes to product choices); supportive of local businesses and farms; and of course, kid-friendly and very healthy!

Q.What if my child doesn't like what's on the menu?

A.We ask that you kindly pack a lunch for your child that day.

Snacks at The Cub School

While we do provide a complimentary hot lunch for all enrolled children, we ask that families contribute snacks.

Please VISIT THIS LINK to view more details about some of the snack options that we have found to be excellent choices.

We are very sensitive to the possibility that some families may not be able to contribute a food item to the class; in which case, please contact the director and we can not only donate on your behalf, but look for food options for feeding your family at home with the help of contributing members of the community.  

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