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Princeton Community Family Learning Center strives to provide children with the tastiest, most nutritious and wholesome meals possible for lunch every day. We choose from high quality foods that are frequently organic and free of artificial colors, preservatives, antibiotics and hormones. We go the extra mile and endure the extra expense to provide the children in our care with not only foods they enjoy eating, but the highest quality, too. Additionally, each meal is balanced to NJ State standards, which includes milk at every sitting.

In the event that you feel your child would prefer a lunch from home, or if your child requires a special diet, you are more than encouraged to pack your child's lunch and snacks, too, if you desire. Please simply inform your child's classroom teacher of your wishes, and we'd be glad to carry out your nutrition plan.


Breakfast for Lunch!

Waffles or pancakes, turkey sausages, potatoes, fresh fruit and milk 


Chicken & rice, a veggie*, fruit** and milk


Pasta, baked turkey meatballs, tomato sauce, a veggie*, fruit** and milk***


Baked cheddar mac n' cheese, chicken, a veggie*, fruit** and milk***


Cheese pizza from Princeton Pi, a veggie*, fruit** and milk***

*Veggies include fresh and fresh frozen varieties

**Fruit includes seasonal varieties as well as occasional applesauce or other packaged fruit with no added sugars

***Skim or 1% milk is given to children over 3; 2% milk is given to children under 3 (this is part of a State-mandated national campaign to reduce fat in children's diets)

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