Dear Prospective PCFLC Family:

Congratulations on making the decision to apply for State of NJ child care voucher funding as a way of easing the burden of paying for quality preschool/childcare services for your child(ren)!

For many families, this is an important first step that will enable mom or dad to secure affordable childcare coverage so that they may go to work or school.  In many cases, with the help of a subsidy, child care can cost as little as a $5/day co-pay.

Child Care Connection is an agency located in Trenton, NJ that has been given the job of screening prospective Mercer-County families for benefits in any one of three voucher programs.  State funding is limited and first-come, first-served, so act quickly if you wish to apply.  If you reside in Somerset County, Community Child Care Solutions in Somerville, NJ is the agency through which you would seek financial assistance.

The Income Eligibility Chart is located HERE.  More information about the program, as well as how to contact CCC is located HERE.  Parent(s) living at home with the child MUST be either working or going to school full-time and be able to provide documentation of same.
Before beginning the application process, please contact our school by emailing info@princetonclfc.com or calling
609-454-3637 for assistance applying.  The application process usually takes between 8 and 12 weeks, so please start early!

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